Thiago: “My decision is sporting; Bayern will always be my home”

The Spanish midfielder Thiago Alcántara said goodbye to FC Bayern fans with an emotional video in which he assures that his decision to go to Liverpool has purely sporting reasons and that the Bavarian club will always remain his home. “My decision has been a sports decision. As a player I want to take on new challenges and continue to evolve. Bayern will always remain my home“Thiago says in the video.

Bayern Shield / Flag

Thiago, who joined Bayern in 2013, says he has made the most difficult decision of his sports career after seven years of growing up and experiencing both triumphs and difficult times in the Bavarian capital. “I am proud to have arrived as a young man full of dreams and to leave now full of the club, its history and its culture. Here I have learned to love a tradition that I now say goodbye to but that I will never forget “, says the player.

“Mia san mia”, he adds repeating the club's central motto which, in Bavarian dialect, means something like “we are us“.

Thiago: “It will be very nice, I'm looking forward to it”

The new Liverpool footballer was very happy about his arrival at Anfield. “I'm excited not only to play here, but also to train with my teammates, for knowing the coach and knowing what he wants, how the team plays, ”said the new Liverpool player. “I want to help boys, if I can help them, to be better than they are, and I can be better than I am. It will be very nice and I'm looking forward to it, “he continued.

When Thiago left Anfield for the first time as a Liverpool player, it was actually his third visit to the stadium. The new signing of the ‘red’ was part of Bayern Munich that visited Merseyside in the Champions League round of 32 in February 2019, when both teams tied at 0.

“Well, it's my second time here,” reflected Thiago in his appearance with Bayern.The first time I was there I was five or six years old“, said. That time, he was a spectator while his father, Mazinho, represented Celta de Vigo in UEFA.

“My second visit was in a draw; we didn't plan to defend as much as we did because we hated to defend the whole match, but they were stronger than us and we had to adapt. The second game was incredible, “said Thiago. “I was never a fan of many clubs, I have only been a soccer fan. But I was surprised by the people here, how they live football, it impacted me a lot”He added.