The picture of Inigo Onieva kissing a Brazilian model at a California festival came to light two days after announcing her engagement to Tamara Falco. The scandal has placed him in a more than uncomfortable situation and everything seems to indicate that he has gone from being engaged to Carlos Falcó’s daughter to having ended her relationship with her. And this without counting on the pathetic episode of having been left as a liar, as well as unfaithful (allegedly). From the businessman’s environment they assure us that he “doesn’t know where to go” and affirm that “He knows that he has screwed up to the bottom and that it could have been the worst mistake of his life.”

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At 33 years old, Tamara’s ex is going through one of the most complicated moments of his life and not only because his relationship with Tamara’s daughter is his fault. Isabel Preysler has been blown up, but because of the public dimension that the events have taken. The video of the kiss with Marina Theiss It has been spread over and over again in the media and has been a humiliation for the Marchioness of Griñón, who seems to no longer want to know anything about her ex, whom she has eliminated from her networks, blocking him and deleting the publication of the recent engagement. .

According to what they tell us, she “neither answers the phone nor wants to see him and it has been Isabel Preysler herself, at his insistence, who has suggested that he give up.” Even so, Íñigo hopes that his ‘Tami’ will forgive him and say “yes, I do” next June 17 at the church of Santa Bárbara, in Madrid.

But there’s one thing the former car designer, now nightlife entrepreneur, can’t get out of his mind and that’s “trying to find out who is behind the leak of that video that has destroyed his life”, they point from their surroundings. “He is clear that whoever took him out had it from before and has waited for the commitment announcement to be made public to take him out and hurt him,” he assures Informalia a person from Onieva’s closest circle. “He’s very concerned about this. Why did they leak it just now that they’ve announced their engagement? Why didn’t they leak it a few weeks ago, when the scene in question took place and before the engagement was released?” .

There is no proof that Isabel Preysler is behind the leak of the video but, according to those close to the heartbroken Íñigo, she is suspicious. “He is clear that he has been someone from Tamara’s closest environment, because he knew that the commitment already existed, but he has waited for it to be made public,” he continues. But what this person reveals to us goes further. What people around Iñigo Onieva really believe is that “Behind this leak could be Isabel Preysler herself”, sentence. “It’s something that all of us who are close to Íñigo have thought about. We know that Tamara’s mother has never wanted this relationship and she has tried on several occasions to convince Tamara to end it,” she says.

That has always been said, that the relationship between Iñigo and Isabel has never been good, that Preysler never viewed this relationship favorably, that he never trusted him and that he let him know on more than one occasion, just as we counted months ago Informalia. In fact, Isabel has spoken with Tamara on several occasions to open her eyes, but her daughter was not willing to listen to her and Isabel could not do much more. “Tamara argued several times with her mother because she told her what she thought of Íñigo and the things they told her about him, but she did not let her give her opinion. That is why she also decided to become independent and rented that apartment in the center of Madrid before give him the new one”, they assure us.

In her Netflix documentary, in which Iñigo has a lot of protagonism, Isabel’s eyes widen when Tamara, in New York, talks to her about wedding dresses. “She was horrified by the idea,” she tells us. Even so, it may be twisted to think that Isabel Preysler was responsible for bringing this to light, even if it was the only way for her to open her daughter’s eyes. Tamara Falcó is devastated. The public humiliation she has been dragged into is excessive. Not only the video, but coming out to the media hand in hand with Iñigo with the face of circumstances while he lied saying that those images were from 2019. Just 30 hours later he issued a statement acknowledging the infidelity and publicly apologizing to both Tamara and Preysler herself (her family). They say that in that statement and sorry he had to see Preysler herself. Perhaps it is the first of the many things that Onieva will be ‘forced’ to do in order to obtain Tamara’s royal pardon.