“Welcome everyone, especially the one other person that I relate to a lot right now basically because I better not go on social media for the next 20 years: Tamara Falco. A kiss from here”. This is how his program began this Monday Risto Mejidecomparing herself to a desolate Marchioness of Griñón who has been forced to break off her engagement after discovering that Inigo Onieva He had been unfaithful to him, as he himself has admitted. The parallelism established by the publicist, who announced his separation from Laura Escanes on Sunday Without revealing the reasons for it, it has set off the alarms: has the young instagramer been disloyal to the father of her daughter?

risto and Laura Scanes they had been together seven years, five as husband and wife. Three years ago they were the parents of a girl, Roma, and nothing foreshadowed that the breakup was so close. There were no clues on social networks or in their interviews or statements, although some of them begin to offer a different reading this Monday. For example, their last conversation on the podcast they shared: “This will end because everything has an end,” said Risto.

The text that the presenter shared this morning has raised suspicions about who has left whom: “The pain invades everything. I don’t even have the strength to respond to teasing. I wish they weren’t talking about the most intense and lasting relationship I’ve ever had. I wish it wasn’t the mother of my daughter. I wish everything was so easy. I hope he gets out of this too.”

The rumor of a possible infidelity jumped hours after the announcement of their separation but Risto’s words this Monday on his program has made it run like wildfire through social networks. The presenter has nuanced his words to try to divert the border: “Look at the video before making such a torticero headline. I have said it because it is the other person who cannot enter social networks. Nothing more. This happens to me for entering “. Laura, for her part, has not manifested herself at the moment.