Serbian footballer Gudelj he hasn’t gotten involved with his partner’s wife Jovicy Vlahovic nor has he done the same with the wife of Rajkovic. Or that’s what they say to stop the great World Cup sex scandal that they have starred in. Information from an English journalist disseminated in the Serbian media has turned the players of the Balkan team into actors in a soap opera of betrayals and infidelities that, in one way or another, all have denied.

Dusan Vlahovic, Juventus striker, has been the first to deny this sexual scandal within his team. According to what was published, Vlahovic would have slept with Ana Cakethe wife of Majorcan player Predrag Rajkovic, which is why the Juve striker did not take the pitch in the World Cup match against Cameroon.

This would not be the only love trio within the Serbian team. The country’s press has also published that Nemanja Gudelj, Sevilla midfielder, would have had a love affair with Sofia Milosevicone of the best-known WAGs and a partner of Luka Jovic, a former Real Madrid player who now plays for Fiorentina.

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Immediate denials

Both Dusan Vlahovic and Ana Cakic have denied their supposed “affair”. The player criticized the publication of the information at a press conference: “I have to talk about it because it talks about me. What we all read and hear… there is no need to comment on something so absurd. Obviously, these people are bored and they have nothing better to do because they are frustrated or angry,” he said angrily.

“These stories are ridiculous, I just want to protect my name and my integrity, so I will take legal action if necessary,” threatened the Juventino, who explained his absence in the match against Cameroon alluding to a physical problem that has already been reversed.

Rajkovic’s wife, Ana Cakic, has also denied the existence of any extramarital affair through a statement through her social networks, where she explains that her status as a mother has prevented her from starring in the infidelity of which she is accused.

The other two players in the sexual arena, Nemanja Gudelj and Luka Jovic, have reacted with a sense of humor to the information about the infidelity of the Fiorentino player’s wife, and have published an image of the two simulating a fight on their Instagram accounts. to deny the publications that have already transcended the entire planet.