The close friendship they shared Belen Rodriguez y Kiko Hernandez leap up in the air a few weeks ago, after it was made public that the journalist made a loan of 100,000 euros to the ex-grand brother in 2017 to face a debt from the Treasury, which then claimed almost 700,000 euros. But it was something that supposedly only they knew.

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Kiko felt betrayed by her friend, and since then their war has monopolized many minutes of the afternoons of Save me. This Wednesday, the magazine friend of the program went one step further and assured that Belén has been “very much in love” of his friend for a long time.

“I was in love with him. They went out to dinner several times every week, they spent a lot of time together, they slept or not at each other’s house regularly,” they explain to Lectures source of the close environment of both. “He was not in love with her, he only wanted her as a friend of hers and he just let himself be loved by her,” he added.

The truth is that over the years that they have shared space on television, several of their colleagues have noticed a special chemistry between them. Above all, after the Madrilenian told some time ago that Kiko “is a lion in bed”, although later she qualified that she did not speak in the first person.

“I have always thought that the relationship was not just friendship because I did not see them behave just as friends, there were fights that were more of a couple and I think it is not just a thing for Belén, I think they have felt something both like the other”, he opined carmen borrego this Wednesday. Something similar to what she said Lydia Lozano in 2017 after seeing a photo of Kiko and Belén giving each other a peak: “I think that Belén has always liked Kiko. When we talked about Kiko I noticed that she liked something.”