The reason why Rocío Flores had to go to the hospital: “They have asked me for an analysis of everything”

This Monday, May 29, the country is assimilating the electoral results of this 28M and also pending the general elections that Pedro Sanchez He has advanced to July 23 due to the poor results of his party in the municipal and regional elections. However, life goes on and the particular problems of each one too.

In this sense, Rocio Flores She has gone to the hospital suffering from some dizziness that has her worried. She has shared a photograph from the hospital waiting room on Instagram stories. “Now yes. Let’s see what they tell me…”.

Later, the daughter of Rocio Carrasco y Antonio David Flores She has explained the reasons that have brought her to the center: “I have just left the doctor. They have asked me for an analysis of absolutely everything. Including this [señalando a un bote] of the feces and I have had an ultrasound of the thyroid. The ultrasound shows that my thyroid is fine. They have also asked me for the lactose and fructose analysis … So let’s see where my dizziness comes from, “she said, with a smile so as not to arouse concern and downplay the matter.

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We will have to wait a few days for the young Ro, vetoed by Mediaset, to report her medical news. At the moment, she enjoys the sea breeze in Malaga: “This is life”, she has written after talking about her dizziness and her passage through the hospital in the Andalusian city.