the march of Paul Vasily and the brutal audience crisis that is going through Mediaset has caused the new dome, led by Alessandro Salemmake drastic decisions regarding the Telecinco grid. javier javier It is one of the major victims of the changes and although it still has one foot in Fuencarral, its number of projects will be considerably reduced in 2023.

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The Catalan presenter goes from being the ‘starter’ to sitting on the bench, since he will only present Save me one day a week and only one of the many reality shows and programs prepared by the chain is guaranteed. So far we have been able to see him drive Big Brother, Secret Story, In the name of Rocío or the Mediafest Night Feveramong many others, but in 2023 it will face survivors and nothing else, according The confidential. The new edition will be released in a couple of months and the promos have already been recorded and prepared with Vázquez, so replacing him at this point is not a viable option.

Jorge Javier lives, for the moment, in uncertainty. He himself has spoken openly about the strange employment situation after Vasile’s departure: “If they fire me, what would I do? Well, continue living. No more. Let’s see if you think that the people who work on TV have a special chip in their head that makes us see our existence more clearly. Well, no,” he wrote in his column a few weeks ago. “Don’t ask me again what I’ll do when I’m done Save me. Because I also have a long-term contract with the chain and, in the worst case, they will surely find me a place as a sculptural statue in one of the multiple corridors of the building”.

The future of the chain

The chain plans to carry out the changes progressively but firmly and is willing to whitewash content that is no longer convincing. One of the first decisions is to cut Save me and, as we have been able to see, they have already used various formulas without success (soap operas, contests…). However, the management’s idea is to maintain the format with a maximum of two hours a day, something that will harm not only Jorge Javier but also all collaborators, who will see their payrolls reduced.

Salem and company have begun meeting with numerous production companies that offer diverse proposals and future alternatives. One of them, Unicorn, by Ana Rosa Quintana, has even featured a pilot program hosted by Paz Padilla.