Monumental row between Luis Miguel and Enrique Ponce in a restaurant and in the presence of Paloma Cuevas: “You’re disgusting! With my ex?”

The singer and the bullfighter would have starred in an embarrassing episode in a restaurant in Madrid. Luis Miguel was accompanied by dove caves, Enrique Ponce from some friends. The first approached to greet the second and that ended with glasses on the floor and an exchange of very unpleasant accusations.

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Friends for decades, the Sun of Mexico became the designer’s consolation when Ponce left with the young woman. Ana Soria and supported her during the divorce process. Several Mexican media say that Ponce has not forgiven Luis Miguel’s “betrayal” and would have let him know when the singer came up to greet him: “Don’t speak to me because you are no longer my compadre. You are disgusting! With my ex!”he would have yelled at him, according to witnesses.

The confrontation between the two would have risen in tone and ended with rather harsh words and a glass of wine falling to the floor after one of the two hit the table. Given the tension of the moment, Luis Miguel’s bodyguards intervened to calm the atmosphere and avoid greater evils because, according to the Mexican journalist Fabian Lavallea diner would have recorded the scene and the video could be released in the coming weeks. Alex Rodriguezcollaborator of Ana Rosa’s programcorroborates the story from Miami and adds: “The events occurred in the Tabú restaurant in Madrid.”