The Real Madrid coach, Chus Mateo, valued the “heart” and “character” they put in this Thursday to win the Clásico against Barça in the Euroleague, a victory “more in the regular league” to continue doing “the homework” of the top of the table, although with the great atmosphere of the WiZink Center and after an extension.

“It was a very exciting game, beautiful for the spectators, but we didn’t come out as we wanted. We wanted to come out much more aggressive and we left Barcelona to lead the game. We found a much better way to defend, but every time we got closer they had an advantage of 7-9 points”, he said.

The white coach referred to his team’s struggle in a press conference in which he highlighted the drive in the last quarter and the atmosphere at the Palacio. “We have had heart, we have known how to fight. We have had the success in the last quarter that we did not have before, we have fought for the rebound, matched the energy. Character and heart win games, without being brilliant,” he said.

“We were able to finish off the game. We knew that we had to win by two more points for the ‘basket average’, and from how WiZink was, we have made them see that when we play Madrid with heart it is difficult to beat them at home. That’s how we want to defend our home. At times Barça has defended us very well but we have recovered balls and rebounded well. It’s one more victory in the Regular League. A Clásico and at home, it always tastes better”, he added.

Mateo also pointed to the important relative of winning over one or the other rivals. “We have lost against Olympiacos, Baskonia, Barça, hopefully it will be a turning point, but there are other rivals. We are well placed because we have done our homework. We are going to meet more times, we have found a way, they also have problems. Finding the way is always good, but not all the parties are equal”, aimed.

In addition, the Madrid coach was asked about the defensive level shown by Musa and Hezonja. “They have been infected by how the veterans have been involved in the defense. Sometimes it will be one and sometimes another, but we are together. If the group is united, we defend well. In the last quarter we have given a turn of the screw. It has been a very tough game”, he concluded.