The Barcelona, who has spent many years dodging crowds on tour and haggling fans during the preseason, It seems that he is going to live one of the calmest stages of recent years. Just over twenty fans received the Blaugrana expedition upon arrival at the hotel in Germany: a luxury resort set in the heart of the Black Forest and away from the madding crowd. With hardly any fans, and with only a few media, the Blaugrana had one of the calmest arrivals in memory. And that the club wanted to cover its back with the presence of five hotel security members who joined those who usually accompany the team, almost touching a security member for an amateur.

Shield / Flag Barcelona

The team, which landed at four in the afternoon in Stuttgart, it took almost two and a half hours to travel the nearly 100 kilometers to the hotel because of the traffic. The fleet of vehicles of the Blaugrana delegation was made up of four vans and two coaches. The first to arrive were the sports vice president, Rafa Yuste, Accompanied by Mateu alemany, football director, and the technical secretary, Ramon Planes. Another member of security, Ferran Lopez, accompanied them, along with the brand new dircom, Alex Santos. Later, the two official FC Barcelona coaches arrived. The first to leave was Sergio Busquets, perhaps remembering that he is the captain, followed by Sergi Roberto, while the last to leave the bus was Gerard Piqué, which made wait for Rafa Soldier, head of security, at the door of the hotel.

A pity that the few fans who attended could not take a 'sad' memory of the players. Some came with T-shirts and posters for them to sign, but the separation fences prevented any type of access to the followers, who also could not even photograph their idols because the scissor formation that the two coaches were placed prevented it.

Players received from the delegate himself Carles naval the access card to your rooms without having to go through the reception. The team plans to have dinner at eight o'clock in the afternoon and then go to their respective rooms to rest, since on Thursday a double work session awaits them at the facilities of the SV Aasen.


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