From Pedro to Pedro, Almodóvar comes to Sánchez’s rescue: “I started crying like a child when I found out”

There are three days left until Pedro Sanchez inform the citizens of the decision he has made: whether or not to continue as head of the Government following the judicial news related to his wife, Begoña Gómez, following a complaint filed by the Clean Hands movement. In the midst of this context, Pedro Almodovar has written a letter about the president.

The Oscar-winning director from La Mancha, who is in New York immersed in the filming of his new film, wrote this Thursday night in “When I arrived after an endless photo shoot for the promotion I came face to face with Pedro Sánchez’s letter on television and I started to cry“.

Regarding the leader of the Executive, he added: “I remember in a conversation with friends, not long ago, commenting on our surprise that our president had not already stood up and sent us to hell, to use a euphemism. This open letter is not a surprise“. In this sense, he explained: “There is no human being who can resist what the most resistant of our presidents has been suffering in recent years.”in a climb that surpasses everything imaginable. It didn’t surprise me that it broke and It made me so helpless that I started crying like a child.“.

For the director of Return o Everything about my motherthe President of the Government is going through an ordeal and his situation reminds him of that of the former mayor of Madrid: “Pedro Sánchez has the right to leave and abandon us to our fate. “We don’t deserve it, just as we didn’t deserve Manuela Carmena as mayor of Madrid.”

Almodóvar, openly a left-wing man, thinks that the media is not showing empathy for the president: “I started watching television and I was surprised by the lack of empathy of the media representatives in the face of a gesture that shows us a brutally injured and broken man. It was the human being who wrote the letter saying I can’t take it anymore, let me think about it for a few days so I don’t act in a hurry. It seems that Pedro Sánchez’s humanity is not recognized, he is obliged by his position to be superhuman“.

The director also calls into question the complaint filed by Manos Liminas and the decision of a Madrid court to open prior negligence against Gómez. Especially considering that the complaint is “based on newspaper clippings, many of them have already been proven to be false”: “It is so unprecedented (so dangerous for our democracy) that it puts a person’s ability to resist to the limit.” burned by years of resistance. There is nothing more dramatic and understandable than the president’s gesture“.

For Almodóvar, it is a strategy to eliminate him from the political sphere: “Currently there is a new technique to take down the political adversary, harass him through the media and judicially until he breaks him emotionally and judicially, so that he cannot withstand any more pressure.” In this sense, he maintains: “It is a technique based on cruelty and personalized psychological torture of the victim, which is complemented by misrepresentation and manipulation, and which has the connivance of one of the powers of the State as important as the power judicial”.

The filmmaker is in suspense regarding the political situation: “We have four days of a lot of noise and uncertainty, impatience and listening to a lot of nonsense, we are already beginning to hear it. I will not be here when Sánchez informs us of his decision on Monday. “I’ll be in New York finishing shooting my new movie, isolated.”

And sentence: “This moment deserves a ENOUGH NOW! resounding, furious. What will happen next, whether Sánchez resigns or stays. I don’t even want to think about it. Can’t. Right now, my heart goes out to the president and his family.“.