XEREZ SPORTS: Camacho; Marcelo, Oca, Alvarado, Ocaña; Rivelott, Javilillo, Goma, Bello, Rueda; and Mayor. They also played: César, Hugo, M. Castillo, Álex Cruz, Rifat, Brando, Antonio Jesús, Baeza, Jacobo, Pepe Sainz, Ocaña, Pepe Rincón, Chaves and Rafa Albert.

CASTILE: Luis Lopez; Santos, Carillo, Gila, Obrador; Morante, Peter, Manuel Ángel, Dotor, Hugo Vallejo; and Gudjohnsen. They also played: Jime, Bruno, Salazar, De la Víbora, Edgar, Sibacha, Marvel, Néstor, Gonzalo and Loren.

GOALS. 1-0 (4'): Javilillo. 2-0 (eleven'): Higher. 2-1 (32 '): Hugo Vallejo, from a penalty.

REFEREE. Hugo Cow Nunez, Andalusian. Admonished Eraser (36 ').

STADIUM. Chapin. 31st edition of Vintage Trophy, which has been disputed, with interruptions, since 1952. A minute's silence was observed in memory of Miguel Granados Leiva, father of the Xerez Deportivo FC utility man, José Granados.

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