Atlético de Madrid
will soon have a new reinforcement. Is about Caio
Henrique. The mattress club has requested the Guild of Porto Alegre Brazilian return of the Brazilian midfielder, loaned in the southern team of Brazil, which confirmed the player's return to the rojiblanco team through its official website.

“The Atlético de Madrid, making use of the clause of the agreement signed between both parties, requested the return of the player Caio
Henrique“Confirmed the Guild in a statement in which he thanks the player for “his dedication and services provided” during his time in the team, which he arrived in January.

The player leaves the three-color box with just five games on his back, since he signed in the past winter market and later soccer stopped on account of the coronavirus. On the one hand, Guild He is saddened by the news but on the other, there is some relief in the institution because the transfer of the left side was quite expensive. In fact, the Brazilian club managed by the Athletic an extension in the payment of one of the parties, since the club had suffered a strong economic impact from this crisis.

Since Brazil They point out that the team will save about 300,000 euros in this concept. Of course, he will have to find a substitute and it will be in his own grassroots football because now he does not have the capacity to look for another solution. In addition, if you add salary, the team can save about 760,000 euros in total with the output of Caio

“The moment is very responsible, we are involved in the contingency plan of the board. We will analyze with the coaching staff, there is nothing definitive ”, said the vice president of football Paulo Luz in contact with
Cortez it will be his replacement and the youth squad will also ascend Guilherme
Guedes. Recovered, Marcelo
Oliveira You can also do the job, despite having established yourself as an advocate.

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