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The “new normal”, the situation in which our country should be once all the phases of the Coronavirus pandemic have been overcome, seems to have already reached the world of soccer. Extremadura, like the other professional teams, has once again enjoyed the collective work of the entire group on this Monday.

With the ball already as the protagonist, and with the strategy as a subject for these days, the Barça team already faces the final stretch before the restart of the competition that will take them to Elche on Friday, June 12. Casto Espinosa has referred to a return to normality. “It is appreciated to return to normality, within the caution that must be taken. It is clear that the view is already set on the league and we needed this.”

The Extremadura goalkeeper has also referred to the unknown, which for him means a return to a competition that generates “uncertainty about what awaits us. In the end it is football, something we prepare for since we were little, but in a different context We are prepared and with an open mind, in the end nobody knows what awaits us. “

The azulgranas will face the return to the competition with a disadvantage of four points with respect to salvation. A scenario that does not change for your goalkeeper. “We knew that we had to do the numbers that we have to do to save ourselves and that does not change. We have it difficult, but there are eleven days left and we have to fight. I do not remember ever winning an easy match, either going first or going last.”

Around the clock

It is already known that the doors of the Francisco de la Hera will reopen on Wednesday, June 17 at 7:30 p.m. to receive Albacete. Although it is still early to know the weather forecast for that day, the schedule established by LaLiga has surprised the city since it was almost certain that the home games would be played all around ten at night. The normal thing at that time of year is that the thermometers exceed 30 degrees at that time in Almendralejo.


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