'The Generation of 87': goals with names, surnames and capital letters

There are generations of footballers who are difficult to forget because of their legacy and that will probably happen in the future with those born in 1987., characterized by the success face to door of some of its members. Among all of them stands out the Argentine Lionel Messi, who came to the world on June 24 between the tragic attack by the terrorist band ETA at the Hipercor in Barcelona that claimed the lives of 21 people and the start of the thirty-third edition of the Copa América played in Argentina.

A city, the Spanish one, and a country, his from birth, that for now have marked the career of the already considered by some to be the best player of all time, largely due to his goals.

Top scorer in the history of the Barça team and the Albiceleste team, owner of six Golden Boots, seven times LaLiga's top scorer, six times Ballon d'Or … Messi has smashed countless records and surely he keeps his hunger intact after a summer in which the threat of leaving the club where he has spent his entire professional career has been real.

Luis Suarez

The Argentine is undoubtedly the headliner of his vintage but there are contemporaries who do not detract from him, as is the case of the Uruguayan Luis Suárez, who has been his teammate at the Camp Nou in recent seasons. Exactly five months separate the birth of one and the other, since Suárez came to the world on January 24, 1987. The next day Helmut Kohl was proclaimed winner of the elections in Federal Germany.

Since then the Salto international has been carving out an enviable career in his native country, in Holland, in England and finally in Spain. He has always done it with the goal as the main argument, regardless of the shirt he will defend.

So much so that he has managed to be the top scorer at least once in all the European leagues he has gone through. He also has two Golden Boots to his credit, he can boast of being the third most successful player in the history of Barcelona and leads the historical ranking of scorers with his national team. In these hours and days he is playing where to continue his career.


In the section of celestial gunners he is followed closely by Edinson Cavani, an attacker from his own city who made an appearance in the world only 21 days later. That Valentine's Day another romance with the networks began.

Currently free after leaving the ranks of Paris Saint-Germain as the striker with the most goals the entity ever sawHis instincts in the area began to be known when he was the top scorer in the South American U-20 in 2007. Then there would be a recognition of the same nature in Italy, which would bring with it the Bronze Boot, and another two in France.


Completing the list of great South American battering rams of 1987 is another Argentine, Gonzalo Higuaín. Recently signed by Inter Miami after passing through Juventus, like Cavani he was also 'Capocannoniere' with Napoli. In his case, the player born on December 10 established a mark of 36 goals that earned him a Silver Boot and that no one had equaled until last year Ciro Immobile achieved it.


Changing the continent, in Europe there are also cases to boast about. One of them is that of Karim Benzema, only nine days younger than Higuaín and his former teammate in the ranks of Real Madrid during several campaigns. In your case He only has one top scorer title, the one achieved in the French league after the 2007-2008 season, but his figure goes beyond that personal success. Regular in his offensive production every season, his ability to make it easier for others to celebrate goals is also highly valued.

All this without forgetting that at present He is the fifth top scorer in the history of the Champions League and occupies the same position at Real Madrid only behind Cristiano Ronaldo, Raúl, Di Stéfano and Santillana after having already left Puskas on the road.


Both of them have marked times but they are not the only prolific names that he gave that year. There is also for example that of Jamie Vardy, hero of that Leicester who achieved one of the most unexpected feats ever seen, such as the conquest of the Premier League in 2016 and who in 2019-2020 led the scorers' table.


Or the Belgian Dries Mertens, whose birthday is May 6 and who has been performing at a high level for several seasons at Naples.

Iago Aspas

And in Spain there is also a good reference, Iago Aspas. The Galician landed in Moaña on August 1 to the subsequent joy of a Celta from Vigo where he currently It is a watchword and with which he has been proclaimed top scorer in the Spanish First Division up to three times.