The relationship between father and daughter is null. Everything went wrong as a result of the courtship between Kiko Matamoros (66) y Marta Lopez Alamo (26). Even in 2020, Anita (22) and Marta staged a battle on social media. The young influencer finally did not attend her father’s wedding, held this Friday, June 2, at the Basilica of San Miguel, in Madrid. She was not there nor was she expected.

Makoke’s daughter left her father’s wedding and headed to Barcelona to fulfill a series of professional commitments as an influencer that she is. Upon her arrival, she said: “It’s just that what happens in family matters, they stay behind closed doors. Of course, for my part, it will always stay behind closed doors, okay? Thank you very much.” . On whether she wishes her father and her new wife happiness, she did make it clear: “That’s for everyone, always.”

Who did have a few words for the couple was Makoke, who was in charge last Wednesday of ‘ruining’ Marta’s exclusive wedding dress. This Saturday, in addition, she recorded a message for her program Fiesta. “Piece of actor, they had to give you an Oscar.” For the 26-year-old model, she has also had her own: “I wanted to address the brand new wife: I hope the same does not happen to you.”

For some users of social networks, it was humorous and ironic, although others assured that it was “broken and spiteful”. “I am sad and sorry. I have missed the wedding of the year. It has been devastating (…) I hope that on your wedding list you have asked for earplugs. I hope that you have already filled your freezer with a lot of chicken and a lot of vegetables for porridge that I gladly stopped doing five years ago”, he also said.

The children of the collaborator with Marian Flores, Lucía, Laura and Diego, did accompany their father on this important day. Laura was the godmother and accompanied the groom to the altar and Diego had some moving words: “It took us a while to meet but here we are at last,” he read in his speech.