Alejandro Sanz The second part of his ‘Sanz en Vivo’ tour kicked off this Saturday, June 3, in Pamplona. The expectation was maximum after the singer’s worrying messages on his social networks and after the news that the composer and Rachel Valdes They had put an end to their romantic relationship. This Friday we anticipated that the Cuban painter had abandoned him during her tour of South America and this Saturday the break was confirmed. “She is very discreet but she has hinted at wanting to be free to love whoever she wants,” she told us. Informalia a close friend from Rachel’s Barcelona days.

“Then we talked, that the concerts are not done alone,” said the interpreter of Broken heart at the start of his show. He also recognized that this concert was the particular “acid test” of him.

When the show was almost coming to an end, Alejandro had a few words of thanks for those present. He sent them an important message after a long standing ovation: “Never forget how important it is to be close to the people you love.” And he added: “Let’s never try to find a reason for these things, it’s not for anything or anyone.”

In his message on May 27, it must be remembered that he focused on mental health: “Sometimes I don’t even want to be there. Literally. Just to be honest. Not to get into the useless noise. I know there are people who feel like that. If it works for you, I feel the same way.” Three days later, he reappeared with another message: “I had a strong outbreak this weekend and although the light has not finished coming, it seems that a firefly has woken up in my chest.”

As for Rachel Valdés, we first learned that she did not accompany him during his tour of South America. The painter ended up leaving the musician’s Madrid residence and has taken even the toothbrushes.

It has not been heard that “there are no third parties”, although it is not certain that there are not. “She is very discreet but she has given clues that she wants to be free to love whoever she wants,” a close friend from Rachel’s Barcelona days, who lived in Barcelona for five years, told us.

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Sanz has also had financial problems for several years, when he discovered irregularities in the bank accounts managed by a trusted administrator, the brother of his former representative. He then assumed a debt of 15 million euros which, due to lack of liquidity, forced him to sell his house in Miami and Madrid and which he has not yet paid off.