For a few days there has been a rumor that Gerard Piqué he would also have been with a young 23-year-old lawyer named Julia Puig when he was still with the mother of his two children, Shakira. After days of speculation, the young woman’s environment has broken her silence.

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“It’s not a recent thing and we don’t understand why this is coming out right now,” they explained to the magazine this Wednesday. Lectures. They insist that the former Barça player still did not know Clara Chia much less had he started a relationship with her when Julia supposedly passed through his life.

Jordi Martín, the paparazzi who follows each of Piqué and Shakira’s footsteps and has declared war on the former Catalan soccer player, opened the melon a few days ago on his social networks: “Do you know her, Gerard? Then I don’t miss you that Shakira throws the whole world over you”, he wrote on his networks, along with a photo of the young Julia, who is also a cousin of Riqui Puig, a former Barça B player and a close friend of Gerard himself.

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In socialite They assured that Piqué and Julia met about two or three years ago. “All of Barcelona knows that [Piqué y Julia Puig] they got involved two or three years ago and that he writes it to speak again”, assured different testimonies.

On the other hand, since Shakira launched a couple of weeks ago the Session 53 against his ex and his new girlfriend, rumors of a crisis between Piqué and Clara have surfaced. After weeks missing, the young woman has reappeared this week at a Kings League event. The kisses and gestures of affection between the two have settled all the rumors.