“I’m single”. It was not necessary to know more details to confirm the breakup of the relationship of the Colombian actress Juana Acosta with the French financier Charles Alazet, with whom he celebrated his third anniversary in August. The interpreter clarified her sentimental situation during the presentation of her latest film, big bad wolfa dark thriller with touches of acid humor, in which he shares the screen with the Spanish actress Adriana Ugarte.

The artist assured that from a personal point of view she is “with a calm heart”. With an “I’m fine” she made it clear that her personal situation did not prevent her from enjoying the extraordinary professional moment that she is experiencing on the Spanish scene.

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As a Colombian, she gave her opinion on the success of her compatriot’s latest song Shakiraof which he was totally in favor: “I think that Shakira has carried out what so many women somewhere in our being and heart wanted to do and so that’s why I think it has become so viral and people are crazy about it “.

It is not exactly the case of Juana’s relationship with her ex, Ernesto Alteirowith whom he gets along wonderfully and has a 16-year-old daughter in common, Lola. After 15 years of living together, Acosta and Alterio separated in 2018: “We have a very good relationship. We have a teenage daughter and since we separated we have tried to take care of her and preserve her and also honor the love we had for so many years that it was a very beautiful love”, he assured in statements to Hola.