After five months of treatment for lung cancer, Nacho Palau He has opened up when it comes to talking about the disease, because after finishing the radio and chemotherapy there is still a long recovery process ahead. On the other hand, the Valencian sculptor has denied having broken up with his boyfriend, the Chilean Christian Villenaand has confirmed that his deal with Miguel Bose is cordial and that the singer has shown him all his support in this complicated stage.

About treatment and recovery

“They gave me chemo and radio at the same time (…) It was the end of the cycle at the end of November and I had a tremendous downturn,” Nacho assured this Wednesday in an extensive interview in Ten minutes. Palau was diagnosed with the disease after returning from the island of Honduras in the summer. “In my case they caught it on time.”

First of all, she thought of her children, Ivo and Telmo: “I explained to them that dad had been diagnosed with the same thing as grandma, cancer, but that nothing was wrong.” Diego and Tadeo, for their part, live with their biological father, Miguel Bosé, in Mexico. “I told my children downplaying it so they wouldn’t be scared,” he explained.

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He is now in the process of recovery. It is not being easy, although he is optimistic: “Until a week and a half ago I was without a voice, unable to speak. I barely spoke in whispers and I got tired.” Among the side effects: “Weakness, chills, my whole body was very hot, joint pain, memory loss, fatigue…”. And he added: “I don’t know where the shots are going to come from, they still have to give me results and do tests.”

He has not broken up with Cristian

In recent weeks there has been talk of a possible break between Nacho and Cristian, although the sculptor has clarified that her boyfriend has traveled to Chile not because of a possible distance between the two, but because of the death of his grandmother: “Christmas has passed there with his family and he returns in February (…) This takes its toll… but Cristian and I are still together. We love each other a lot”.

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Cristian continues to accompany him in this process, from which he hopes to recover and be the man he was: “I want to recover, for all the side effects to pass and to be able to return to being Nacho with enthusiasm, empowered and strong”.

Christmas with all your children

Miguel and Nacho share the children’s vacation periods. Tadeo and Diego have returned from Mexico and have spent Christmas with him and his little brothers: “They have been wonderful. With my four children. Diego and Tadeo came after Christmas and left after Reyes.”

With Miguel, all good

Despite their disputes in court over the parentage of the children (a process that is still ongoing because “one thing has nothing to do with the other”), both have parked their differences. The singer has extended his hand in these hard times, just as Informalia He already told: “Miguel has been super aware of me. I adore him.” And he has sentenced: “I have had my conversations with Miguel and I know that if something happened to me, he would be there (…) He has conveyed his great concern to me and he has told me that he will be there for whatever I do lack”.