The alleged victim of Dani Alves refuses to be examined by the footballer’s psychologist

There is only one proof left for the case of Dani Alves close the investigation phase but it is taking longer than expected. The reason? The refusal of the alleged victim to the last resort of the Brazilian defense, who requested permission for a psychologist hired by her to accompany the forensic court to carry out said test, a psychosocial examination of the complainant.

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The judge in charge of the case admitted the appeal of Christopher Martellbut now the victim refuses. Ester García, the lawyer for the woman who denounced Dani Alves, considers that the examination carried out by the coroner is sufficient and that the presence of a psychologist whose payroll covers the defendant is intolerable. The Prosecutor’s Office supports her and has also asked the magistrate to dismiss Martell’s appeal.

As we published a few days ago, the evidence against Dani Alves regarding the alleged rape he committed against a woman on December 30 at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona is so strong that his defense has had to harden his strategy. Now it is time to demonstrate that the complainant does not present the psychological profile that corresponds to a victim of a sexual crime, which is why she asked the judge to have an expert on her part appear. She also requested that said examination be recorded so that she could examine it thoroughly, something that the magistrate denied.