The Colombian singer does not raise her head. In the process of recovering from her father, William Mebarakwho has undergone surgery several times in recent months after suffering a head injury, the mother of Shakira She was admitted urgently last Friday. Fortunately, she has been discharged this Tuesday and is already recovering at home.

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Nidia Ripoll began to feel unwell and was quickly transferred to the Teknon clinic in Barcelonawhere he was diagnosed with a thrombosis in the leg. The thrombus had reached the lung, so she was admitted and treated quickly. Her evolution has been favorable and this Tuesday she was discharged.

Nidia is one of the pillars of the family. She unconditionally supports her daughter and her grandchildren, she has not been separated from her husband since last summer she suffered a domestic fall and hit her head, causing a head injury. William Mebarak has undergone surgery several times since then and is undergoing an arduous process of rehabilitation. In fact, his delicate state of health is one of the reasons why Shakira and her family have not yet moved to Miami, since doctors do not advise such a long trip for the businessman.