The absence of Rachel Valdés at the worst moment for Alejandro Sanz sets off alarm bells: problems at ‘Paradise’?

Seven days have passed since the interpreter of Broken heart announce that he is not going through his best moment: “I am sad and tired,” he said Alejandro Sanz in a message via Twitter. Since then, friends and followers have given him their full support publicly but among all of them there is a worrying absence: that of Rachel Valdes.

The Cuban artist, Alejandro’s faithful companion for four years now, has not publicly expressed her support for the singer. Something that surprises, since the affectionate winks between them used to be constant. At the moment, not a message, not a photo, not an emoji, not a like if you want However, he has published content related to his work these days.

Furthermore, according to ABC, Rachel did not accompany Alejandro during his tour of South America, despite the fact that she has done so on previous occasions. This time, however, she preferred to stay in Madrid, in the Somosaguas house that Sanz acquired after selling his mansion in La Finca. The detail has not gone unnoticed and the rumor is already in the air: is there a crisis in the couple? Could this be the cause of this downturn in the singer?

It is not the first time that the artist suffers from depression. In 2007 he was forced to suspend his American tour. Once recovered, he revealed: “What I’ve had is a secondary depression due to stress. It’s complicated because you don’t realize you have it until the symptoms really show clearly. They told me I had to stop and we decided to stop the tour American”. Two years earlier, he had experienced one of his worst personal moments, with his divorce from Jaydy Michel and the recognition of his “secret son” after the blackmail of some employees.

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Sanz has also had financial problems for several years, when he discovered irregularities in the bank accounts managed by a trusted administrator, the brother of his former representative. He then assumed a debt of 15 million euros which, due to lack of liquidity, forced him to sell his house in Miami and Madrid and which he has not yet paid off.