The Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaraz assured this Friday that he has been “very happy for three games” because of the way he is “hitting the ball” during the Roland Garros tournament, the second ‘Grand Slam’ of the season and where he is already qualified to play the round of 16.

“I’m hitting the ball very well, I’ve been very happy with the way I’m hitting it these three games. And the truth is that this is the key to my game, trying to take initiative as soon as possible, trying to play attacking. I think that’s It is what is making me hit it so well”, declared Alcaraz before the Eurosport microphones.

The player from Murcia, number 1 in the ATP world ranking, entered the round of 16 this Friday after beating Canadian Denis Shapovalov 6-1, 6-4, 6-2. “I think he’s not a ground player, you can see it in his shots and in his way of playing, but he’s still a very dangerous player,” he said about it.

“You have to be very focused at all times. As you said, I have lowered the intensity a bit,” he snapped at the tennis player and presenter Álex Corretja. “I have gone a little bit and it has already put me up there 4-1 and I have had problems,” Alcaraz analyzed his performance in the second set against Shapovalov.

“But hey, I think I’ve played at a great level. In those moments when I’ve been worse, I’ve been able to overcome myself and play orderly again, play again at the level I’ve been playing. The truth is that I’m very happy with the way I’ve played the whole game”, concluded Alcaraz in his talk with Corretja.