The electoral advance called by Pedro Sánchez for July 23 upset Quintana’s plans, who planned to close the season at the end of June and go on vacation. The idea was to return in September with the new program that she will present in the afternoons, replacing Save meand combine it with his morning show until an election was held that was scheduled for the end of the year.

However, the political landscape has completely changed. And also the television. In this new context, Ana Rosa Quintana will extend its presence on Telecinco until the next general elections, as it has learned Informalia in exclusive. Therefore, he will cover the electoral campaign at the head of the political gathering that he moderates every morning. Then he will go on vacation and when he returns, well into September, he will do so only in the afternoon and will not combine it with the morning political space.

In a normal situation, Ana Rosa Quintana would close the season at Mediaset at the end of June. However, current events rule and this time the presenter will delay her vacation for a few weeks to live live such an interesting appointment with the polls after the results of 28M. In any case, it cannot be ruled out that she takes a few days off in the pre-campaign, that is, that she leaves and comes back, but what is certain is that during the campaign she will be in charge of Telecinco mornings.

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This decision is also not surprising if we remember that the presenter has always been characterized by closely following the ups and downs of national politics in recent years and has come to interrupt her vacations to address some key moments, such as the investiture debate that was held in full month of August 2016.

Ana Rosa, the ‘scourge’ of Pedro Sánchez

When Ana Rosa Quintana accepted the proposal to present the new Telecinco afternoons, she assured from the outset that she wanted to combine it with the political part of her morning show to closely follow the electoral process that was then scheduled for December but has now been rushed after the electoral debacle of Pedro Sánchez last 28M.

The communicator maintains a hard position against the management of the President of the Government, who will probably be further upset when he finds out that Ana Rosa will continue to be active in the summer. After the harsh defeat suffered by the PSOE and the entire left last Sunday, Quintana it made Sánchez ugly that he had not resigned. Subsequently, and as a result of some words in which the President of the Government attacked the media, Quintana again charged him for his “Trumpist” and “conspiracy” speech. “He has put on the face of Pablo Iglesias,” he said.

Like Ana Rosa, Pablo Motos is another of the presenters to which Sánchez seemed to allude in Congress, in a speech before his deputies and senators. “We will see in prime time shows people who only represent themselves pontificate and insult without the right to reply. They are going to invent barbaric things and nothing is new because what they are doing is copying the methods of their North American teachers,” he said. . Motos also responded from the anthill. “Just in case you are referring to us, I renew the invitation to our Prime Minister, who did not want to attend the last elections. I will be delighted to receive him and give him the whole hour to reply and say what he wants.”