Telecinco makes a mistake so that Jessica Bueno avoids naming Kiko Rivera, banned from Mediaset

The son of Isabel Pantoja This weekend he reappeared with Irene Rosales at the concert of Maria del Monte in Castilleja de la Cuesta, where the DJ resides.

Isabel Pantoja’s son had an affair with Jessica Bueno more than a decade ago. As a result of that relationship, her first child was born, who will soon turn 11 years old. Since last Thursday, the Marbella model has been one of the tenants of the Big Brother Vip house, that is, one of the protagonists of Telecinco programming.

Curiously, Mediaset has chosen among the contestants participating this edition in the reality to a person in whose life Kiko Rivera, banned from the network for months, plays a role. Inevitably, Paquirri’s son is part of Jessica’s past but above all they share a son in common.

For this reason, the entry of his ex Jessica Bueno in ‘Big Brother Vip 8’ represents a problem for the programs that address the day-to-day life of the Guadalix house: they cannot name Kiko. The woman from Malaga may have received instructions to avoid it, just like the commentators in charge of shredding the parallel reality that takes place in the house. But all the experts agree that in Big Brother “everything ends up coming out.”

On the other hand, Kiko, from the outside, is free to speak or remain silent as he sees fit. This weekend she did not want to talk about Isa Pantoja’s decision to ask Jorge Javier Vazquez Let him be the best man at his wedding with Asraf. Because the banned person’s sister also collaborates on Telecinco. Kiko Rivera is therefore in the eye of the hurricane of pink information after several months away from the media spotlight, which makes it more difficult to ignore him.


Focused on his profession as a DJ and completely recovered from the catheterization he underwent in July for heart problems, Isabel Pantoja’s son has reappeared publicly this weekend at the María del Monte concert in the Sevillian town of Castilleja de la Cuesta , where he resides with Irene Rosales and their two daughters.

Visibly thinner and accompanied by his wife and a group of friends, Kiko has faced the latest movements of two of the most important women in his life. Firstly, her sister Isa de ella, who is finalizing the details of her wedding, in which Jorge Javier will act as best man even though she always assured that the day she got married it would be her DJ who would would accompany the altar.

What do you think that Isa has ‘replaced’ you with the presenter of ‘Chinese Tales’ because of the zero relationship they have, for which he has not even been invited to the link? Indifferent, Paquirri’s son remains silent and does not confess if he feels sorry for missing the most special day in his sister’s life.

He had the same attitude when we asked him about the surprising entry of his ex, Jessica Bueno, embarking on her second reality show after ‘Survivors’ in 2010, when they began their love story.

Kiko leaves up in the air what he thinks of his ex’s decision and does not clarify whether the child will stay with him and Irene while his mother is at Guadalix’s house. A discreet reaction with which she avoids controversy.