The wedding day is one of the most important in the lives of the bride and groom who take the step to unite their lives civilly or through the Church, as is the case of the faithful devotee Tamara Falco. In her case, she is a woman with money and fame, she is doubly concerned that everything goes perfectly and that nothing escapes her hands.

For this reason, setbacks like the one with the dress that Sophie et Voilà was devising are a real setback. And that she is lucky that even if her first bet fails, her haute couture firms rub their hands for her and even pay her because she wears her dress. Carolina Herrera, since the controversy of the Bilbao firm, is working tirelessly on its creation, which will be inspired by Grace Kelly, as the creative director of the Venezuelan house revealed this Wednesday.

However, beyond the dress there are many fringes to close for a wedding. In her case, the media exposure is also added, which she herself feeds with her exclusive passes through the box and her interventions on television. However, she feels overwhelmed at times. “She is enduring a lot of pressure in recent months,” she assures her surroundings in the magazine Week. You can’t have everything, Tamy…

Thus, they assure that the daughter of the disappeared Carlos Falcó is on the verge of collapse: “All this is accompanied by public exposure and media pressure. Tamara has been enduring a lot of tension for a long time and any day she will give her something (… .) A lot of things have come together.”

Although there is no shortage of hands around her, the stress is continuous: “She has a lot of help to prepare the wedding, but it is the pressure of everything. She also has advertising commitments like the other day in Ibiza, which she had to go to the next day coming back from New York to try to fix the mess with her dress. She goes from one place to another, she doesn’t stop”.

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Because of all this, his closest friends are really worried and anguished: “Among our friends we have discussed it. Any day it will explode. Either slow down or one of these days it will explode.”

It must be remembered that the one with the dress is not the first setback that she has suffered before getting married. It must be remembered that in September of last year, after announcing her engagement on her social networks, the video of Inigo Onieva kissing another woman at a festival in Nevada and the wedding, for two months, was on stand-by.

A few days ago, Ana Boyer’s sister was admitted to the Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic in Marbella, where she will follow a strict nutritional program to be perfect on July 8.