The Marchioness of Griñón has taken refuge in Villa Meona until the storm passes and although everyone anxiously awaited her appearance this Tuesday at the photocall of a well-known real estate agency of which she is an ambassador, it will not be possible. Tamara Falco He has informed the firm that he will not attend the commitment that he had agreed with them because he does not have the strength to smile at the moment, much less face the questions of the reporters.

This is the real estate company that has been in charge of the construction of the fabulous apartment that Tamara has in the center of Madrid. She reached an agreement with them to reduce costs in exchange for putting a face on the firm, but the sentimental drama that the Marchioness of Griñón is going through has ruined her plans. According to Save meTamara does not have the strength to pose this Tuesday at the photocall, smiling as if nothing had happened, much less to answer the reporters’ questions.

sources close to Informalia They assure that the sister of Enrique and Julio José Iglesias is very affected. She takes refuge in Villa Meona in the company of her mother, Isabel Preysler, she feels humiliated and betrayed. She doesn’t want to talk to Íñigowho tries to get in touch with her through messages and calls, and it would have been Preysler herself who would have asked the businessman to desist and leave her daughter alone.

And it is that the images of the businessman kissing a Brazilian model at a music festival just three weeks ago are not the only ones. They affirm that, in the last few hours, Tamara would have received more information and graphic material that would show that Onieva had been unfaithful to her on several occasions, such as last April. “They returned from the trip to the Philippine Islands angry, so much so that she went to her mother’s house and he stayed in the house they shared, to which he took a girl he met at the disco,” they stated in Save me. “Tamara’s entourage knew of Íñigo’s infidelities, but they didn’t say anything to her so as not to make her suffer, because she was deeply in love.”