The U21 national coach, Luis de la Fuente, made it clear that this Tuesday’s friendly in Huesca against Norway is “very important and very interesting” and that they will face him without any kind of relationship because they are still looking to “consolidate a group and a concept”.

“For us it is a very important and very interesting match because we want to close this cycle with good feelings and leaving a very good image,” said De la Fuente this Monday at a press conference prior to the match.

The Riojan indicated that he wants “players to continue growing and, above all, offering those who are winning it in their competitions the chance to play with their national team” and warned that Norway will be “a rival of a very high level”. “He’s going to surprise some of us and he’s going to demand the best of us to win this game,” he said.

The one from Haro assured that although he is a friend, he prepares all the matches “with the same idea” and with the aim of “being able to recognize a style and retain many new players with this idea”.

“We want to consolidate a group and a concept. For the national team, all matches are a great responsibility, they are all very important, it is our basis for growth and to guarantee a solid future for Spanish football. I am convinced that this team has a lot of room of improvement”, added the Under-21 coach.

In addition, De la Fuente believes that it is difficult to say how many players on this last list could be in next year’s European Championship. “Everyone could be perfectly at the European Championship, they offer me the absolute guarantee of offering me a great performance and I am very calm, and I have the fortune of others who have not been able to come and who can offer me important footballing ability. I hope everyone is healthy and have many inconveniences to make the final list,” he stressed.

The coach was “sure” that El Alcoraz will be “delivered” to a team that arrives “solving matches with authority” and is willing to put on “a nice show.” “People are going to have the opportunity to see the present and the future of Spanish football. I have great memories of Huesca, whose team is now coached by a former teammate like ‘Kuko’ Ziganda”, stressed De la Fuente, who before starting his appearance, he sent his “support and encouragement” to his “partner” Jorge Vilda.