The daughter of Isabel Preysler continues in the eye of the media hurricane after his notorious break with Inigo Onieva. And if the first few days many applauded his integrity and his attitude in the face of the lie and betrayal of the engineer, now they criticize his conservative and ultra-Catholic ideas: “she has slipped us super well.”

“Tamara is the mascot of the stale and she has sneaked us super well. The objective has been fulfilled, the gala that has been held in Mexico attacking progress, modernity and freedom has had more repercussion than if she had not left it with her boyfriend, “he said this Wednesday Bob Pop in hour 25, from Cadena SER. her partner, veronica fumanalendorsed her words: “It’s the stereotype of the poor little rich girl, that the rich also cry. It makes many people say: ‘With all the money she has, she also suffers for love.’ electorates like it”.

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Fumanal, in addition, was with Tamara in the Congress of Families of Mexico, where he shared a speech that has been highly criticized. The journalist has commented on the ultra-Catholic principles of the Marquise de Griñón and how she uses them for her benefit: “They do not use Tamara, she is aware of who she is collaborating with. He has made a business of religion: he has taken out jewelry with virgins. She would be against a Church based on values ​​that have nothing to do with frivolity or capitalism. Her analysis of why the world is wrong borders on that of a person who has no judgment.”

For its part, Nuria Story He has commented: “She is sparkling, she destroys making life easy. But with that thing that she has of the joy of torrent, you have to be careful. Tamara perpetuates a sexist model. It is permanently fixed on her neckline, her model. She is a woman who asks her partner if the dress she is wearing is suitable. She asks for a reference to her mother as if she were three years old.”