New video on the youtube channel of the former civil guard. Antonio David Flores has attacked again Jorge Javier Vazquezwho on Wednesday afternoon has once again rebuked and ridiculed dew flowers. The father, furious, has warned that they will be seen in court: “You will sit on a bench and answer to the Justice. This, what you are doing with my daughter, is not free. That obsession you have with my daughter will end in the court”.

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“You continue trying to discredit my daughter’s image whenever you can and it strikes me that the chain gives you free rein and freedom to play harassment, as you are doing with my daughter,” says Antonio David, very angry. “Your attitude is deplorable and misogynistic.”

Youtube Video

A few hours earlier, the presenter of Save me He had commented on the arrival of Rocío Flores at the airport after spending a few days in Mexico. He criticized the careless appearance of the young woman and her refusal to answer the journalists’ questions: “You tell her that she had to take references from her grandmother and you have no fucking idea what Rocío Jurado was like or how she acted, because she many times we saw her leaving an airport with a tracksuit and heels, but you make fun of my daughter and say that she doesn’t dress up, that she doesn’t even prepare for the media… My friend, my daughter is not an artist and after 10 hours of flight is not obliged to answer the reporters’ questions. He will have said good morning to them because he has more than enough education that you lack, “said Antonio David bluntly. “I recommend that you give advice to her mother, of whom you spoke a few years ago in not very good terms.”

Finally, the commentator converted to youtuber has shared a comment that has raised concern for the health of Rocío Flores: “My daughter is too well with all the damage that you are doing to her, with all the damage that her mother is doing to her. I ask God every day that nothing happens because you are playing with people’s mental health, because you are harassing a person day after day.”