The Marchioness of Griñón is nervous. There are barely five weeks left for her wedding with Inigo Onieva and there are still many loose ends to be tied up, Carolina Herrera’s dress, among others. Also, to Tamara Falco complications and chores do not stop arising: “The other day they sent two santeros to my house to take away my bad luck and I had to clean everything with holy water,” said this Thursday in The Anthill.

The daughter of Isabella Preysler he takes it all with humor but acknowledges that the joke (on the part of Save me) complicated his day: “They left everything stinking of incense and I had to call my priests, to ask them if I had to do something or if that could have any consequences.”

Tamara, what will be admitted to the Buchinger clinic in a few days To get ready for the wedding, she has also spoken about the information that pointed to her weight gain: “If they are making me the suit, what does it matter how many kilos I have?”, she said angrily. “It seems fatal to me. Nobody has asked Íñigo if he is going to lose kilos for the wedding.”

However, and despite everything, the brand new bride confesses: “I’m in my peak moment and everything slips from me. Let them talk.”