The Spanish 3×3 basketball team, made up of Sandra Ygueravide, Marta Canella, Vega Gimeno and Ceci Muhate, reached the round of 16 in the Women’s World Cup this Thursday, which is being held in Vienna (Austria), thanks to their victory final over Brazil (14-21).

On the field set up in Vienna’s Rathausplatz, the first of their two games of the day went awry for Spain despite a good start. Against the Netherlands team, which saw one of its players get an ankle injury, the score remained level thanks to the successful scoring of Ygueravide and Gimeno.

But with 9-8 the trend changed, as a rebound in the area caused a blow between heads and in which Ygueravide was harmed, with a significant gap. From there, Spain left the party. Although Canella took responsibility and scored on several runs, defensive failures led to the Dutch victory 19-13.

Therefore, the qualifying options focused on the duel against the Brazilians. The score remained 0-0 during the first minutes, Vega scored from close range and the rivals made four quick fouls. Ygueravide hit from 6.75 and made it 2-4 until a crash left Canella on the ground, with another blow to the head.

Muhate scored under the basket to make it 2-6 and the defense blocked the physical power of the Brazilians in the area. There was tension after an intense day, but Spain responded with character when Brazil scored in quick action. In the end, Ygueravide sentenced from the free kick and gave the pass to the eighth; The rival, which will be known this Friday, will come out of the group made up of China, Italy, Lithuania, Israel and Romania.