Sevilla lived a long afternoon of celebration, songs and mass bathing in the Andalusian capital during the procession through its streets and institutions, to the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán, where the president of the club, José Castro, announced an offer to José Luis Mendilibar .

“For weeks the media have been asking us why we haven’t renewed José Luis Mendilibar, and it was because this news is reserved for you, the Sevilla fans who have helped us reach the final and have carried the team soaring against United and Youth. We have offered a contract to Mendilibar so that he can continue with us. Long live Sevilla”, said Castro at Pizjuán.

The president of the Andalusian team put the icing on the cake, after a Thursday in which from time to time, in every corner of the city while the open-top bus with the team traveled through emblematic streets, the ‘Mendi, stay’ was heard. The Basque coach arrived at Sevilla at the end of March and revived the team, without suffering as he painted from relegation and champion of the Europa League.

Thus, Mendilibar’s continuity was confirmed in the closing stages of the rojiblanca party, with a few more words from Nemanja Gudelj and Youssef En-Nesyri, to give way to the anthem and the players’ lap of honor on the Pizjuán pitch. “It makes us happy to make so many people happy. I hope you continue to enjoy it, we hope we can see each other for a long time,” said ‘Mendi’, after two somersaults.

The ‘stay’ was also heard by the Moroccan goalkeeper Bono, while the blanket to the coach and a Gudelj who thanked the support in a personally difficult year, was also tried by Jesús Navas. The captain was in charge of going to look for the cup, after the presentation one by one to jump to the Nervión field.

A summary of the final against Roma in Budapest, which Sevilla took in the penalty shootout, made those present stand on end, such as Javier Labandón ‘El Arrebato’ singing the centenary hymn, although the emotion was maximum from first thing in the afternoon. There began the journey of the champions, who on their tour of the city stopped at the town hall, the cathedral, the Puerta de Jerez and Las Hermanitas de los Pobres.