What Montserrat Bernabeuthe mother of Gerard Piquéand who has been his daughter-in-law for 10 years, the singer Shakirathey haven’t been getting along lately, nothing has been known now, following the lyrics of the song Session 53, but there were already clues to this tense relationship for a long time. When reviewing statements, moments appear like the one starring the Colombian in 2021 in a report on fashion in which she even said, “mother-in-law, I have not followed your advice again” and after a significant cut adds, “aesthetics”.

When reviewing the star’s statements and interviews, even in the good times of the familair relationship, it is found that the soccer player’s mother was a mother-in-law who had influence, and a lot, on the life of the international artist.

The comment that has gone viral occurred during a videotaped interview for the section my life in looks of the magazine Vogue. In it, many celebrities take a tour of their career through the looks that they have carried over the years. The interview with Shakira took place in June 2021, and the one from Barranquilla recalled her outfits from her 30-year career.

When a photo of the singer appears in the video in a 2012 image with her hair shorter than usual, Shakira acknowledges regretting that aspect, “the worst mistake of my life,” she says, and openly tells that she Montserrat then recommended: “This is advice from my mother-in-law who told me, ‘oh why don’t you cut your hair, cut your hair because it’s very mistreated'”.

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In the recording, you can see how Shakira giggles, and then she seems more serious when she sends a final message to her children’s paternal grandmother: “Mother-in-law, I haven’t followed your advice again,” she tells her and after a cut, goes on to specify, “aesthetics”.

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Although the comment has no greater significance than a minor aesthetic disagreement, after having included in his latest hit the phrase “you left my mother-in-law as a neighbor”, having put the figure of a life-size witch on his balcony looking towards the house of her ex-husband’s parents and having made public a video in which Monstserrat silenced the singer with a certain condescending authority, it is clear that the relationship between these two women was the typical mother-in-law-daughter-in-law relationship with more than one edge.

Especially after the separation of the Colombian and the former football player, since Piqué’s mother has been totally involved with her son’s new relationship with his current girlfriend, Clara Chia. This has definitely been what has worsened the already strained relationship between Shakira, who in her tone was called “patron”, and Montserrat, nicknamed “mother-in-law”.