“So that you become prettier than you already are”

Paz Padilla (54) has once again made people talk. This weekend the actress shared a video on her social networks that included her statements in Fiesta, a program where he talked, among other things, about the relationship between parents and children. However, what has caught the attention of users in the last few hours has not been her speech, but a message that he shared by mistake and ended up deleting.

The presenter published a TikTok video that included her opinion about family conflicts. And, since it was a screen recording of her mobile phone, any notification that came to her was recorded. Therefore, when she received a WhatsApp from the secretary of the Madrid City Councilhis words were recorded.

“If you feel like going to make yourself even prettier than you already aresomething almost impossible, but well…” This message appeared at the top of the screen of her iPhone, which caught the attention of the followers of the woman from Cádiz, who, despite deleting the recording shortly after, was unable to the fastest ones picked up the clip to record what had happened. The video began to circulate strongly on Sunday night.

“Paz Padilla uploading this video and deleting it because there is a WhatsApp message from the secretary of the Madrid City Council telling her ‘…so that you can become prettier than you already are, something almost impossible…'”, “Chillo” or “Paz Padilla accidentally leaks this message…” These are some of the tweets that users have shared.

At the moment, the comedian has not commented on this matter. She talks about her personal life as much as is fair and necessary, focusing on her relationship with her daughter, Anna Ferrer, who, due to her professional activity and her presence on networks, is a public person. . The comedian opened up the most about her private life when her husband, Antonio Vidal, died.in 2020. His vision on death and the book he published afterwards, The humor of my life (2021), were a topic of conversation on the sets. It should be said, however, that a year later she began dating the civil guard Fran Medina.

Precisely love was one of the themes that emerged in his recent interview with Informalia. It is always open to receive and enjoy it. “I am a woman, I am still alive and here but I have learned to love the people who come into my life even if it is in a different way. Like my Antonio, whom I always loved. Over the years you are not the same and in that difference is also the love we have at that moment. Today there are many things that I don’t consider. As I told you, I am alive and I am happy with what I have today. Without thinking about anything else,” she told Beatriz Cortázar.