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Santander League: Barcelona survives Getafe | LaLiga Santander 2019

Gabby Barker






Griezmann and Sergi Roberto gave air to the azulgrana and angel, which sounds for Bara, squeeze the scoreboard

GRAF777. BARCELONA.- The German goalkeeper

Ter Stegen clears a shot from Angel.
Enric Fontcuberta EFE

We are exaggerated by nature. And it is in the hipboball that much of the grace of football lies, both in the analysis of the conflict of the moment – the VAR is a blessing for the polemicists – and in the ease with which we individualize success and failure. Nothing is new Bilardo sees football on his back, which said Menotti. Playing well is a big lie: whoever wins plays well, answer Bilardo. Quique Setin Y Jos Bordals they contemplate different paths in the search for victory. But from that ideological confrontation, beyond the power of the medical speakers, that the coaches will greet each other or not in the band, or even the management of their own ego, takes advantage of football. Although there are those who do not share it. Barcelona came to the Camp Nou crazy for denying the ball. As if part of the fan renegade of its origins. And the Getafe, titanic in the pressure -30 faults noted-, supportive and with the ways of a great, overcame a voided goal and two points of disadvantage to take his rival to the limit. The duel, decided by the greatest talent in Barcelona, ​​was fabulous. In the suffering of both resided the true beauty.

Setin, seeing how Griezmann open the marker with a caress with the inside of the left button after interpreting the sixth consecutive assistance of Messi In the championship, I clenched my fists tightly and went to the bench. I did not fall in joy. A few meters away, Bordals tried to compose himself before such a change of scenery.

Because Getafe comes to cause the whistles in the Camp Nou after ten minutes in which Barcelona is disoriented. Those of Bordals pressed with seven players in the Barca field, without fear of allowing a three against three in the rear. And those of Setin, who until then had turned them off, were overwhelmed after Jordi Alba I asked the nurse again. Barcelona has only 15 chips available from the first team.

Umtiti snatches a candid shot at Jorge Molina with the ua. Just after, at the exit of a scanner, Nyom I wanted to block the central French, although with a very bad trace. With the right shoulder ahead before finishing off the net. The main referee, Stable Fernndez, do not make sure of it until you review the action on the monitor.

Griezmann's pardon

Barcelona found some comfort in possession. This is where Setin's team lives or dies, who denied the security ball over and over again. Metafrica was the action of the first goal, beyond the Messi pass and the definition of Griezmann. Umtiti It was who advanced with the ball and who offered a horizontal pass, very tense, that the rosarino and the French turned into gold.

It was the best stretch of Barcelona. So much so that Setin saw one of his fantasies fulfilled, that one side –Junior Firpo– offer the goal to another side –Sergi Roberto-. Bordals shouldn't have liked that Cucurella I lost the mark so easily.

But this Getafe has plenty of conviction. Barcelona, ​​as much as it tried to stop the game in the second half with such a slow pace that it revealed more fear than authority, had to entrust itself again to Ter Stegen. Griezmann missed the sentence twice, and Angel, in whom the Barca club intends to place its hopes after its poor planning, put fear in the body to those who could be their new companions.

angel, that I left by Molina, cut distances with a great hit at the first touch. And the tie would have been his if it wasn't for Ter Stegen, who didn't hide the mitt until he also snatched the goal from Bush.

Surviving in football is as bad as it is in life. Setin should already know.

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