Real Madrid basketball player Rudy Fernández is clear that “every title is a challenge” for the team, which will have “that responsibility and pressure” of being one of the favorites to win the Endesa Super Cup this weekend.

“Each title is a challenge for us, we are one of the teams to beat and we have that responsibility and pressure. We always say that the Super Cup comes a little soon, but we have been doing well in recent years,” Rudy Fernández told the media club officers.

The Balearic has just resumed training with the current champion of the Endesa League after going through the Eurobasket. “Those of us who have joined later are trying to catch the plays in a short time,” he said.

However, he does not hide that “attitude and effort, which is what instills this shield” is non-negotiable and stressed that “at the beginning of the season” they should focus on “improving little by little”. “It is too early to say that we have made the preseason because some players have not been able to start from the beginning,” he remarked.

The forward arrives after proclaiming himself European champion with the national team. “It is an honor to wear the national team shirt again and to be able to win this medal. It has been a month of preparation work and then a championship in which we have gone from less to more. From humility and work, this group has deserved this reward,” he confessed.

“I help Real Madrid and the national team achieve their goals and I’m proving it with all the work I’ve been doing in recent years. I’m a veteran and experienced player and I instill in the youngsters the pride of wearing the national team’s shirt and I try to be a reference of effort and work so that young people can do the same”, he sentenced.