Ortega Cano surprised everyone this Tuesday when, through a message to Kiko Matamoros, he confessed that he was willing to have a face to face with the universal heiress of Rocío Jurado to stop the accusations against him in his docuseries.

Days later, Rocío Carrasco herself has spoken about it. “I accepted it the second I found out that she had thrown down the gauntlet,” Rociito has told her friends from Save me.

In spite of everything, she does not believe that Ortega Cano will be able to face her face to face: “I don’t believe that he will have it, because the matador lacks it.” In this sense, he remarks: “He is very brave for many things and cowardly for others.”

The right-hander has listened from home to Rocío’s accusations in his docuseries. He has already advanced that he intends to take legal action against her. Now, he would have gone a step further, since, according to what he told Matamoros, he would be willing to have a face to face with her.

“During the marriage my mother suffered a lot. José did not know how to value the woman he had,” Carrasco assured. He also spoke of some photos that would not leave the right-hander in a good place and that, on her day, the greatest would have bought so that they would not come to light.

If this confrontation between the two finally occurs, it will be one of the most anticipated moments in the family clan since the death of the unrepeatable Rocío Jurado in 2006. All this controversy comes in the middle of another personal storm of the Carthaginian, since his marriage with Aldón hangs of an ever finer thread.