After ending his professional relationship with Ana Rosa’s programin a cordial way, perhaps temporarily and by mutual agreement of both parties (they deny us that she has been fired), dew flowers you can get a new shock.

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Unicorn, the leading producer Anna Quintana, has already made a move to find a substitute for Rocío Carrasco’s daughter. And no, she’s not just anyone. As indicated to Informaliathere are two offers on the table and with two clear recipients to replace it: Olga Morenoher stepmother, and Glory Camilayour aunt.

Ortega Cano’s daughter already worked with the producer before agreeing to participate in nightmare in paradise. She did it together with Sonsoles Ónega, in it’s already 8 o’clock and her bosses were very happy with her. Gloria does not mince words and she faces any family issue without hiding. A good signing, considering that her father and Ana María Aldón are about to separate and she and her stepmother have declared war on each other.

But this would be a stab in the back for her niece Rocío Flores, if it is true that she will not sit next to Joaquín Prat again. In fact, there is already some media that has echoed the strange behavior of Rocío Carrasco’s daughter with her aunt Gloria Ca de Ella, who participates in the Telecinco reality show. Not a comment or a gesture of support since the day they said goodbye. It sounds strange, yes… Is it because Ro knows that Gloria has accepted? Before leaving for Cádiz, she had already sat on the same sofa that Ana María Aldón occupied weeks later in Is summer.

However, what would hurt Ro the most is that it was Olga who occupied his chair. She’s already been tempted, and while it’s not closed so far, she’s more than likely going to take up Unicorn’s offer, we’re told. Also now he has a hook because he could talk about his relationship with Agustin Etienne. “Olga is already clear that now her work situation involves sitting in a gossip gathering. She is not passionate about TV, but she needs to bill because with the store she does not have to live at the pace of life that she is living lately “, they point to us. What is not entirely clear is that she does it in the morning because the producer has several formats and as soon as Ana Rosa returns, which will be in just two weeks, everything will take a turn.