Rocío Carrasco competes with Gloria Camila from TVE: surprise from Fidel Albiac and project in hand

Intense morning in the Mohedano Jurado clan. While Gloria Camilla has debuted by surprise in Public mirror (Antena 3) as a collaborator, Rocio Carrasco has reappeared on TVE as a guest of Mornings, the new magazine by Jaime Cantizano. This Monday, September 18, is a very special day for both of them since their mother, the great Rocío Jurado, would have turned 79 years old. It must be remembered that both sisters are banned from Mediaset.

On the TVE set, Rociito has remembered with admiration the woman who gave her life: “There are many young people who come closer, who want to know about her. She continues to fascinate,” she proudly noted.

The legacy that her mother left her is immense: “She was super organized. I identify with her in tastes. We like the same smells, the same flavors, the sayings.” She has also remembered some special moments from her childhood: “She said that when I was little I started singing to myself… She would say: ‘The girl, the daughter of the big p… would grab me and cover my mouth.’ I often told her He said: ‘Oh, mom, now… Even I knew it. The thing is that she was a Virgo. She was a hammer… She was on top of it all day. She was… She’s wonderful.’

At the same time, the daughter of La más grande and Pedro Carrasco has spoken about the series she is preparing in tribute to the two of them: “We are making a series about the lives of my parents, of them separated and together.”

Fidel Albiac, for his part, has also become the indirect protagonist of his wife’s interview. He has sent the program an image in which Rociito appears as a child, for the first time on television.

On the other hand, Chayo Mohedano’s cousin has reappeared a few weeks after the sad death of María Teresa Campos, whom he loved as if she were his own blood: “I really can’t say anything, I really thank you very much.”