He Grand Prizenow without heifers, from TVE will return to the screens this summer 18 years after its disappearance and with no less than whoever its star presenter was, Ramon Garcia. Public television has not wanted experiments and has opted for the safety of the emblematic Basque presenter, who thus returns to the national grid, during which time he has become the favorite face of La Mancha viewers on his public channel.

The well-remembered program will have the only presenter who could once again capture the audience faithfully around a familiar and attractive format, which involves all ages and shows the most authentic Spain.

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The announcement that the man from Bilbao will be the driver of the Grand Prize It has been done by the director of General Content of RTVE, José Pablo López this Sunday through the program RTVE Responds.

During the summer the confrontation of two towns in the country will be recovered, in which many local families are involved, who through different and fun tests try to win the contest.

The fun format will present consolidated tests that many remember and will include new ones to get the most difficult audience hooked; Young. Along with other surprises, it will recover the participation of unknown Spain in a format that remained on the screen from its premiere in 1995 until 2005 (eleven seasons on the air) impregnated with the charisma of Ramontxu, which was part of the success of each weekly edition.

Public television bets again, 18 years after its last broadcast, on Ramón’s kind face and on a white theme that is sometimes missed on the country’s screens.