Carlota Casiraghi boasts of her son and nephews in Formula 1 in Monaco

The Grimaldi family acts as host every year at the Formula 1 Grand Prix that is held every year in the Monegasque capital. This year Charlotte Casiraghi She has walked the circuit accompanied by her entire family, and has been able to boast of how well her siblings’ children and her own son are growing. In Monte Carlo, she has not hesitated to pose and show off naturally and with lots of smiles from the little great-grandchildren of Grace Kelly and of Rainiero III.

This Saturday the qualifying races were held in Monte Carlo and the Monegasque royal family took a tour of the vicinity of the circuit to enjoy one of the most important events held in the city.

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Charlotte Casiraghi and her husband, Dimitri Rassam, Andrea Casiraghi And his wife, Tatiana Santo Domingoy Alexandra of Hanover with her boyfriend, Ben Sylvester straumannthey took a walk accompanied by the little ones Sacha CasiraghiAndrea’s eldest, and her little cousin Raphael Elmalehthe son that Carlota had with the French comedian Gad Elmaleh.

the nephews of Albert of Monaco they have helped their uncle, again with the absence of their aunt Charleneto receive all the participants and guests to the races, and to represent the principality with the appropriate appearances as a great united family that enjoys the best of their place of origin.

The little Raphael and Sacha have had a great time with their parents and uncles, and have worn comfortable shirts and pants in the qualifying day on Saturday, while on Sunday they have dressed a little more serious and elegant, with two separate suits , and with a tie, like the adults.