Much to his regret, Rafael Nadal He had to say goodbye to the slopes eight months ago due to a grade two injury to his left leg. The calendar is ticking, but Manacor continues to work on his physical and psychological condition to return to competing as soon as possible. Now, the 14-time Roland Garros champion takes advantage of the break in his professional career to enjoy his family.

So, he talked about his summer with his wife, Xisca Perellóand the little one Rafawho was born in October of last year: “I have been with my family and I have enjoyed this time. I have been on vacation away from home. I have recently returned to work. I needed to disconnect,” the tennis player told Juanma Castaño in an interview issued by Movistar Plus+.

The living legend of tennis has always taken refuge in the calm of the sea to get rid of the demands of the court: “It has always been my escape route. Time runs at a different pace. I have always looked for the sea to disconnect, but before “It had only been a few days, but this time I have been there for five weeks. My family and I have been fine.” For yet another year, she has climbed aboard her prized 80 Sunreef Power Great White, a super-luxury catamaran valued at around six million euros.

Regarding his son, he adds in this interview: “My son has not picked up any racket. I am doing well as a father, I have always really liked children. I have not taken my son to the park yet, but I am with him a lot. We take walks around my house, like everyone else.

He has also spoken about other vital and professional projects, such as the Manacor Academy, in which he remains fully invested as usual: “I have many projects underway and I believe that things will develop naturally. If today I said goodbye to tennis “I have things to do. The Academy is an important project for me. I don’t think I will be a full-time coach, but maybe at some point I will. At the end of the day, I come from tennis and it is very important in my life.”

In this sense, he has not evaded the question of whether he would like to be president of Real Madrid in the future: “If I want to be president of Real Madrid? I don’t know. I promise it’s not a dream, but I think I would like it.” I am realistic with myself, I know my limitations and I don’t know if I would be capable of that or not, time will tell. Florentino has never asked me, I think you make movies. I don’t think I meet the requirements to apply, I am a member of honor, but that’s it.”