They measure about four centimeters high. kitten heels. They are the heels that Doña Letizia has incorporated into her looks this year. They are comfortable, they are of medium height and are not as thin as stiletto pumps. Ideals.

A year ago, the Queen commented that wearing high-heeled shoes for many hours and very frequently had caused metatalsargia, as published The country. Shortly after, in October, he revealed to the media that we were in the Royal Palace of Madrid one more ailment: Morton’s neuroma, a thickening of the tissue that surrounds the nerve that extends to the toes. This is one of the compelling reasons that has led her to alternate heels of different heights and opt for more comfortable footwear. For example, espadrilles in all their shapes and colors have become their summer staple.

Now, heading into autumn, Letizia has turned to this medium-heeled format: el kitten whole. She has worn it in various colors, black, nude and blue, with and without a buckle.

Como Audrey Hepburn

Los kitten heels They take us back to Hollywood, to the golden 60s and to an irresistible Audrey Hepburn as big bang of glamor in Breakfast with diamonds.

It also takes us to Dior’s New Look from the 1950s. This cinematic heel is a fall trend.