The date that brings together Rose Hanbury and Prince William during the worst of Kate Middleton’s illness

In full countdown to the wedding duke of westminster y Olivia Hensonwho will say the traditional “I do” this Friday, June 7 at Chester Cathedral, the fact that the most important social event of the season in England will bring together the heir to the Throne has not gone unnoticed by the British press. british with Rose Hanbury, the aristocrat whom several media outlets pointed out as the alleged lover of Kate Middleton’s husband. Hugh Grosvenor, the boyfriend, is classified by the publications that spread this type of list as the richest man in Great Britain under 40 years old.

As we anticipated last May, the godfather of Archie (Harry and Meghan’s son) and his fiancée Olivia Henson are getting married. The aristocrat and his wife will live on the family estate of Eaton Hall, located in Grosvenor (London). The couple have chosen this country house because of the memories that the Duke of Westminster himself has there and because of the tranquility they will have, since the mansion is away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

The estate is one of the earthly wonders of Great Britain, it has 4,400 hectares full of fabulous gardens, “an ideal place to raise a family”, as Olivia herself discovered the mansion. “We are building our lives together and will slowly shift from being in London to spending more time here (Eaton Hall) permanently. We want to put down roots and yes, the decision has been really easy“said the still fiancee of the Duke of Westminster in one of the few interventions where she has spoken about her private life.

But the expected event will take place at an extremely complicated time for the Royal Family, with the illnesses of Charles III, who has already returned to public life, and especially due to the cancer that Kate Middleton is fighting against, of which we have no information. news since she herself communicated through a video that he suffered from the disease and that he was being treated.

The wedding of the Duke of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor, and his girlfriend, Olivia Henson, has returned Rose Hanbury’s name to the headlines, on the rebound. And all because the aristocrat and Prince William will be present in the link for next Friday, as we can see after consulting the list of guests, which has already been made public, who will go to Chester, the town of around 120,000 inhabitants (like Alcobendas), half an hour from Liverpool, the county capital of Cheshire.

At Eaton Hall, the colossal Grosvenor estate where the celebration will take place, is the church of St. Mary, in Ecclestone. The duke and his fiancée preferred to celebrate their wedding in the cathedral, a Gothic and Romanesque style building from the 14th century. 20 years ago, the wedding of Hugh’s older sister, Lady Tamara, to Ed Van Cutsem, also attended by Queen Elizabeth and the then princes William and Harry, attended the wedding. For different reasons that we all know, the attendance of the Monarch and his wife, Camilla, is very complicated in this one. But the Windsor family will be represented by Prince William, in charge of receiving the guests. The closeness of the Duke of Westminster with the Prince of Wales and his family is immense. In fact, George (like his cousin Archie) is the godson of the bride and groom, although since it is a school day it is unlikely that he will travel four and a half hours from London to attend his godfather’s wedding. But the big absentee, once again, will be Kate Middleton.

The Duke of Westminster gets on well with both Harry and William. In fact, the groom called Meghan’s husband to invite him, although the Duke of Sussex himself and his friend decided that it was better not to attend. “Harry agreed to step aside,” reads information published in The Times, although the newspaper He adds that California will be one of the bride and groom’s first married trips to visit their dear friend and his wife.

La la Tatler magazine has reported that it would be inappropriate to avoid the invitation of Rose Hanbury and her husband, David Rocksavage. The Cholmondeleys have long resided very close to the venue of the celebration, Chester Cathedral, and the Marquis’ son is also a friend of Prince George, with whom he acted as Page of Honor at the coronation of King Charles.

If attended, one of the most sought-after photos, even more than that of the bride and groom, would be that of the Prince of Wales with the couple. Let’s remember that after the fakes news that linked the aristocrat to Kate Middleton’s husband, the marchioness had to publish a statement calling the rumors false.

Press headlines inside and outside the United Kingdom

The Marchioness of Cholmondeley It made headlines in the press inside and outside the United Kingdom. His name came to the fore in 2019 for a false affair with him. Prince William of England which his circle flatly denied. However, a joke by host Stephen Colbert on The Late Show three months ago, added to the conspiracy theories that were multiplying on social networks after the ‘disappearance’ of Kate Middleton They once again brought to the fore an alleged relationship of which reliable evidence has never been seen and which has embittered the existence of the aristocrat.

In March, Lady Rose turned 40 away from the media spotlight, which insists on bringing it to the front page. They claim that she had a really bad time with all the information that concerns her, also fueled by her supposed divorce from David Rocksavage. The rumors arose in 2019, shortly after the publication of fake news about her alleged extramarital relationship with Prince William, because both attended different events without their respective wedding rings. There was even talk of a very difficult divorce. But none of this information was confirmed and there is not a single proof that anything is true.