Begoña Villacís faces the murder of her brother Borja and awaits the results of the investigation

Begoña Villacís, The former vice mayor of Madrid is facing the worst tragedy of her life after the murder this Tuesday of her little brother, Borja, who died after being shot several times in the head and chest in broad daylight. The former number 2 of the capital city council is the eldest of her two male brothers, Nacho and Borja. A few hours after learning about her event, we spoke with her and, although tremendously affected by what had happened, she explained to us that she was with her parents and waiting to speak with the Police.

His father, Jose Villacis, is an official by opposition of the Ministry of Finance and has also been honorary professor of Macroeconomics at the CEU San Pablo University. The his mother, Marisol Sánchez Alonso, She is a psychologist. She, along with them and her other brother, try to face the blow that has destroyed them. Her other brother, Nacho, is dedicated to activities related to the real estate field.

Not two hours had passed since the murder when a 52-year-old woman was arrested and, according to police sources, is the mother of one of the executioners of Begoña Villacís’s brother. As we reported this Tuesday, the detainee is from Bargas (Toledo) and has a criminal record. According to what has emerged, Borja and “Luis”, one of his companions, who was wounded by a gunshot, although there is no fear for his life, they had arranged to fight each other, although the police believe that the confrontations that led them to meet must do with drug trafficking. But Borja and his friends did not expect that their contenders would arrive with a 7.62 caliber rifle and a 12 slug shotgun, as sources from the investigation carried out by the Madrid Homicide Group V explain to us, and would hand them an ambush The main hypothesis is that Borja’s alleged murderers were willing to carry out the crime, since they apparently had an escape plan prepared. The murderers fled on a motorcycle that they had hidden and the detained woman fled in the BMW rented the day before at the Atocha station. But a video recorded by chance and made available to the police disrupted the plans and the identified woman, a resident of the Toledo town of Bargas, was arrested when she tried to explain to the police that someone had tried to kidnap her.

The reconstruction of what happened points out that Borja was with two friends when his executioners, who were undoubtedly intending to kill them, attacked them in El Pardo and shot them. One of them is “Kevin”, son of the driver arrested after the murder. Late Tuesday, the agents were on the trail of this man and other men, suspected of being Borja’s executioners, the two men who accompanied the arrested woman in the vehicle from which the shots were fired that ended the man’s life. brother of Begoña Villacís and wounded one of his companions in the head.

Borja and his companions were in a field at kilometer 6 of the M-612 highway, between Fuencarral and El Pardo, the area where the event took place, around 12:30 p.m. Borja was traveling with two people in a white Citroën C3 Aircross. The brother of Begoña Villacís, a close friend of one of those who He was going to fight those who would be his murderers shortly after, One of them, identified as Kevin, was willing to make sure there were no weapons and also to mediate, since, according to the Police, he also knew at least one of the executioners. Another car, with friends of the victims, was probably roaming the area to verify that everything was going as planned, which, evidently, did not happen.

On the contrary: the executioners came armed with the aforementioned firearms. The silver gray BMW When the car Borja was in had to stop, the first shot was fired and then Luis, Borja’s friend who was driving, crashed the Citroën into the BMW. At that moment, Kevin and the other man got out of their car with their weapons, argued and, according to the story that several witnesses have told the agents, they shot at the driver’s rear window. Later, they did them against Borja Villacís. First, in the thorax and then in the head. The brother of Almeida’s number 2 died instantly. This did not happen with Luis, Borja’s companion. They shot him in the head with the shotgun but the friends who had followed them took him from the scene of the event to the Jiménez Díaz Foundation, where he arrived conscious, with serious injuries, although there were no fears for his life.

After murdering Borja and shooting Luis, the executioners returned to the BMW and, after driving about a kilometer and a half, they stopped the vehicle in front of Mediaset España to hide a box with long and short weapons. That is the scene that we already recorded this Tuesday, because it was recorded by witnesses from offices located in front of the place where the alleged murderers stopped. The detained woman tries to cover one of her companions, dressed in black, while the man takes the box out of the trunk and hides it several meters away, in addition to changing the license plates of the BMW. Afterwards, the subsequently detained woman left in the BMW heading south and minutes later she was detained at a gas station near the Plaza Elíptica. It was there that she tried to deceive the agents who intercepted her and told them that she had been a “victim of a kidnapping.” But the police, who had already seen her video, detained her and took her to the Madrid Police Headquarters, on Doctor Federico Rubio y Galí Avenue.

Begoña Villacís and her family are devastated

After learning of the shooting murder this Tuesday of her brother Borja, Begoña was tucking in her parents. The former vice mayor of Madrid and former leader of Ciudadanos left politics just a year ago and is trying to face this very difficult setback with her entourage and her closest circle.

Begoña, who was known as Bego as a child, is the eldest of two boys, Nacho and Borja. The latter, 41 years old, was the one who died. Both Begoña and her family wanted to thank the expressions of affection received after Borja’s murder and have asked that their privacy be respected in these difficult times, as sources close to Begoña Villacís have indicated in recent hours. . The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has offered his condolences to the former leader of Ciudadanos and has asked to respect the investigation opened by the Police in his confidence that there will be news soon about the perpetrators and motive of this crime.

Begoña, 46 years old, born in Madrid, spent her childhood playing in Parque del Oeste, in the Argüelles neighborhood, where her parents’ home was located. She studied at the La Salle de San Rafael charter school and at the age of 15 she went to Virginia (United States) to learn English. After this stage, in which she became interested in surfing, she returned to Spain and finished her studies at the Covadonga public school, now closed. Later, she worked as a waitress, hostess and clerk in a clothing store. She then earned a master’s degree in Tax Consulting and Tax Law at the Pontifical University of Comillas and entered politics. In 2014 she joined Ciudadanos.

Between 2015 and 2023 she was a Councilor of the Madrid City Council, in whose plenary session she served as spokesperson for the Municipal Citizens Group, and since June 2019 she was also vice mayor of Madrid and member of the Madrid Local Government Board. In June 2023, she decided to withdraw from political activity after not being elected to the capital city council on May 28 and due to the party’s debacle. She did not run in the July 23 elections.

Begoña Villacís was married for 15 years to the lawyer Antonio Suárez-Valdés, from whom she separated in June 2020. As a result of this marriage, her three daughters were born: Paula, 18 years old; Jimena, 16, and Inés, 5. “Everything has been by mutual agreement and we have signed a separation agreement before a notary, to avoid the inconvenience of a judicial procedure,” explained her ex-husband. 15 days after learning of the separation, the journalist and writer Rubén Amón responded to the rumors that linked him to Begoña Villacís. The then vice mayor had spent confinement in a family chalet in the Madrid town of Villanueva de la Cañada instead of in the central apartment that she shared with her husband and her daughters. Rumors arose suggesting that Begoña Villacís had rebuilt her life with the columnist of Public mirror and the member of the audience spoke like this: “Begoña is a very good friend of mine. I am very surprised by the news that is being published. We do not share life as is being said,” he said, reiterating that they were only united by a good friendship. However, months later, in October of that year, Amón was photographed in an affectionate attitude with Begoña Villacís, in a report published by the magazine in which the affection they felt for each other was shown.

Since she left politics in May 2023, Begoña has worked as a guest speaker on programs such as Mornings from TVE and works in private companies, in the cybersecurity sector. The center of her life is her family, especially her daughters: “I have been a mother beyond my means,” she declared in an interview.

Borja and Nacho, the brothers of Begoña Villacís

Begoña and Borja’s other brother is Nacho, Ignacio, who has stayed away from the media spotlight since his childhood. Ignacio Villacís Sánchez has dedicated himself to the self-employed sector, specifically real estate development.

Borja, the youngest of Begoña’s brothers, was linked to the Real Madrid Ultra Sur radical group since his university days. He recently attended the funeral of a band member. In September 2004, at the age of 21, he was arrested accused of brutally attacking a young man. He and others arrested were sentenced to six months in prison. And now, in 2024, he was accused in a case for drug trafficking and large-scale money laundering in the Central Court of Instruction number 5 of the National Court (supposedly for a cocaine theft in Valencia). It is unknown if his death is related to these events. The agents in charge of the case aim for a settling of scores. Both his vehicle and that of the shooters were from rental companies.