The chatter of Save me It has become a Trending Topic this Monday for its thousandth sexist comment. María Patiño and company commented on the slip of the married Jorge Perez con Alba Carrillo at the Christmas party of his production company and Rafael Moraa close friend of the former civil guard, stood up for him by attacking the model: “It is Alba who approaches him, bites him in the neck, sticks his tongue in his mouth…”.

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“They talk to me about Alba all the time. He was very cautious,” said the Valencian to the surprise and indignation of his own colleagues: “Alba is single,” he pointed out bethlehem esteban. “How ugly that they stick their tongues in and the guy leaves it, come on, damn it… Go ahead.” Laura Fa He joined Carrillo’s defense: “Didn’t your friend Iván tell you what happened to him between Alba…? Between firefighters you step on the hoses.”

Rafa Mora’s comments not only aroused anger among his colleagues but also on social networks, where dozens of criticisms have rained on him.