bethlehem esteban is outraged with Save me. He does not agree with the treatment given to the death of Bernardo Pantoja, the father of her friend Anabel, last Friday. There was even a fainting on the part of Magdalena Claverothe aunt of Isabel Pantoja and the deceased, at the doors of the funeral home. In addition, he is not satisfied with some of the information that has been released in the program.

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The program did not miss a detail and even made a ‘reality’ of the funeral home itself. Something that outraged part of the audience and even the princess of the town herself, who has come out in defense of her friend Anabel of hers. The super niece must be devastated by how the show she worked on handled the thorny issue of her father’s death.

“She is my family and I kill for my friends. On Friday the program seemed shameful to me. It is the first time in my life that I am ashamed of the program where I work,” he said this Monday in the afternoon space.

His sentence is clear: “Bulla sells more than the truth.” Andreíta’s mother did not believe her fainting Magdalenawhich quickly went viral on social networks, going down in the annals of her television history: “So that all of Spain knows, today Magdalena was going to come but her children have not left her (…) She pulled back to see yes the boy [de detrás] I could take it.”

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Bernardo Pantoja passed away at the age of 69 after a few years complicated by the diabetes he suffers from, the infections he has been contracting and his last admissions. In the last hours of his life, he was accompanied at the hospital by his daughter, his sister and other relatives. There was an unpleasant encounter in the hospital with Junco, the wife of the deceased, who is not to the liking of Los Pantoja. She is the woman who has taken care of Bernardo until the end of his days, but it seems that some forget…