There is no longer talk of the derby in Sant Adrià. The Royal Society, “The most fit team in LaLiga” for Adrià Pedrosa, is the one that occupies now the day to day. The RCDE Stadium factor, where “the fans will help us”, will be decisive for Vicente Moreno’s men to continue that path that leaves them closer to Europe than to descent, a script in accordance with the possibilities of a club that is once again in the middle zone of Primera.

Espanyol’s left-back had a great game against Barcelona when he was solid in defense against Ilias and Abde (with whom he had a volcanic duel) and sharp in attack where he was a partner of Raúl de Tomás in many actions. A few days later, having digested the bad taste of the result, he considers that “We have turned the page” and you have no doubt that “We will play face to face against Real Sociedad”.

The number one hundred haunts Pedrosa’s mind up to three times. In the short term, this Sunday’s match (16:15), as the side recalled: “I got that great shot against Granada, and I want to continue at that level. We are going to play one hundred percent “. A level that is the same that Pedrosa is showing, who is offering his one hundred percent, his best version since he wears the Espanyol first team shirt.

Photo by Adrià Pedrosa

Espanyol Shield / Flag

Almost centenary and a future … interesting

The last hundred refers to the official games of the side. He currently has 94, so one of his objectives is to reach that round figure in the coming weeks at 23 years of age. Of those matches, 45 are in the First Division, 32 in the Second Division, eight in the Copa del Rey and another eight in the Europa League.. In total, he has scored six goals, a high average for a winger.

But Pedrosa’s current situation places him in another sphere. The full-back, who is undergoing renewal with the Blue and White club at the end of his contract in 2023, could be a desirable player for other clubs if he does not sign his new contract before the end of the season. Only he and Raúl de Tomás would have a market this summer for the club to obtain income. The blue and white need 20, according to the budget they will present at the December Shareholders’ Meeting. The almost centennial Pedrosa will be one of the parakeets of 2022 due to various circumstances.